Now and forever, this tower will be named "Khalifa"

"Now and forever, this tower will be named" Khalifa "-" Burj Khalifa "" Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Photoshoot of the tallest tower in the world. Twenty days after the opening!

Punching the opportunity to go there, I started back on the ship. First, information was rosy fifty dirhams if book tickets in advance and if a hundred on the spot. Russian-speaking diaspora liner began collecting lists of applicants. Organize a tour before the cruise, it was impossible - the tower was not open. The reality was harsh. Wanting to get into it was so much that taste sensed profit Sheikh, quickly raised the price. Two hundred dirhams if we get it on the day when it should be in Moscow or four today. "One hundred and thirty bucks!" - I whistled, and reached for the money.

But first I had to defend the VIP-all in cash, wanting to part with four hundred dirhams.

Depositing a backpack, buy a ticket. At this my whole VIPov ends. Then all.

Long, long dark corridors and escalators. And all this time promotional materials on the walls of cargo and cargo infoy about how cool it is. How many elephants tower weighs and how many football fields could be her glaze windows. Stages of construction and the date, models and screens ... I began to suspect that all this is forcing a reason.


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