Actors, drastically change your weight for the role

Now we often hear that this or that actor for the role of gain or lose an incredible amount of kilograms! The latest news - Michael Porechenkov for starring in a film about the famous wrestler Ivan Poddubny (in the cinema from July 10) scored 25 kg! I decided to put these facts on the different stars.

Charlize Theron for the starring role in the film "Monster", not only scored more than 13 kg, but the make-up artists, and has been changed beyond recognition. From its dazzling beauty was gone. For this role, Charlize Theron was awarded the Oscar

Benicio Del Toro, too, had to sacrifice for the sake of art - to get fat for the movie "Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas" a couple dozen kilograms

Matthew McConaughey lost for the filming of the movie "Dallas Buyers Club" by 22 kg. This role earned him an Oscar

But not one of Matthew had to lose weight for this film. Jared Leto not only dressed woman, but also threw 13 kg for the role. He also received a golden statuette for Best Supporting Actor

Leonid Yarmolnik began acting in the movie "Hard to Be God" in 46 years. To look plausible in the image of the invincible knight he had to start actively go to the gym. And for three years until he had to go shooting to drag iron every day

For the role of Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger had to gain 11 kg and was nominated for an Oscar for this role

The already slim Natalie Portman had to lose weight to 9 kg (52 to 43) to play a ballerina in "Black Swan." The efforts were not in vain, for the role she received an Oscar

Christian Bale - a true champion in the weight change for their roles. It fundamentally changes the physique every two years. His weight jumps perfectly shown in the image, found me on the Internet :)



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