In China, the teenagers are being treated for Internet addiction in the army camps

China has become one of the first countries to recognize Internet addiction clinical disorder. Rightly judging that most of the teenagers suffer fatal passion, the authorities opened the "correctional" camp molodezhi.

In the camps, there is little similar to the pioneer, is in the spirit of the army. Classes are conducted by former military. Strict discipline, a lot of exercise and routine household responsibilities - all this, according to the authors of the idea, effectively discourages young Chinese from the monitors with a tempting Internet.

Obligatory conversation with the psychologist and the strict implementation of all orders of the leaders. Punished for disobedience, not only the offender, but also the entire group. From entertainment provided by the study of Chinese folk tantsev.

The government has taken on the issue very seriously and plans to open a total of 250 such camps. The parents of Chinese students are tired to see how their children spend almost all my free time on the computers actively sending children to "re-education". That's just the opinion of adolescents about such leisure until neizvestno.



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