Most blue in the world Moraine Lake

For the first time this wonderful lake found explorer Walter Wilcox. A unique range of shades of blue water makes the lake a natural wonder of the world. It is located in Banff National Park near the village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It really is the blue: here you can see all imaginable and unimaginable natural shades of blue in the water.

It is spread on an area of ​​the lake bowl 0, 5 sq.m. The level of the line of the sea - 1885 meters, is located in a rocky ravine in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Food lake is due to the melting of glaciers, and a closed water area is self-cleaning by microorganisms living in it. Rocky bottom of the lake irregularly, and from mid to late June, when the lake is completely saturated with water and the level of the highest, one can see all kinds of blue. This natural effect is unique to degrade this lake: the same rich spectrum of colors is not found in any of the waters of the world.

Of course, you can not swim in the lake, as it is protected. But to admire them, nobody forbids. However, observing sites are only two or three, so that especially will not clear. But no one hurt. The perfect place for meditation and oneness with nature. And yet there are no mosquitoes. Boating is allowed to float. Maybe you can sneak a dip? Already very tempting!

Pictures do not convey even a hundredth of a variety of shades of blue, and as a general feeling of living can be compared and photos? In winter the lake freezes and is no less majestic and exciting.


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