New record in Germany: 50, 6% of the energy received per day by solar panels

Germany обновила record the share of energy derived from solar panels. On the day of June 9, 2014 in the national grid received 23, 1 GWh of energy from the solar cells, which amounted to 50, 6% of the daily consumption, according to the Institute of solar energy systems Fraunhofer Society (Fraunhofer ISE).

Record delivered on a day when consumption is minimal, but still a significant achievement for the energy sector.

In June 2014, Germany broke several records in solar energy. So, between 13:00 and 14:00 hours on June 6 from all the photocells in the country has been removed power 24, 24 gigawatts. A whole week of 2-8 June - 1, 26 TWh.

Germany used to be one of the world leaders in the production of nuclear electricity (140 GWh / year), but after the Fukushima accident in 2011, the government decided to completely abandon the nuclear power plant. Eight stations were stopped immediately, and the rest is scheduled to close until 2022.

Now Germany is considered a leader in the production is not nuclear, and renewable energy. In this country, about the same set of solar power plants, as in all other countries combined. For comparison, in the United States is obtained from solar cells only 0, 2% of the total energy.

About 90% of all solar panels are located in Germany on rooftops . They are installed even in small villages, farms, factories, office buildings, but especially - in the private sector. Modern architects designed so even at home, to the roof looking south .

The example of Germany shows that renewable energy can cover a significant portion of the needs of even such a large country. Generation of solar energy is seasonal, but goes well with wind turbines, which gives the whole a steady stream. For example, статистика In January-May 2014 shows quite stable monthly issuance of solar panels and wind turbines in the amount.

Unfortunately, the boom in solar energy in Germany and has a nasty side effect: the highest in Europe the cost of energy. Almost 7 million households in the country are spending 10% or more of gross income to pay for the electricity that experts call "energy poverty" when people are forced to economize even on the little things and something to deny yourself.

One way or another, but the problem of energy from renewable sources must be solved on a scale of one Germany and around the world. One of the options - to set a large number of solar panels in the Sahara Desert (project DESERTEC ).

On карте red shows the area that you want to close the batteries to meet the energy needs of the world (left square), Europe (mean square) or only in Germany (right quadrant).

This option is much more economical than solar panels covering roads .



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