Natron. Lake with statues

Looking at this image is difficult to believe that at times this lake looks quite normal.

But when the evaporation of water leads to a significant increase in alkalinity Natrona, activate some types of bacteria whose livelihoods colors lake in blood red.

In the lake there are a few species of animals, including unique species of fish called "alkaline tilapia." In addition, there inhabited by rare small flamingo, which is one of the few breeding sites.

Lake waters reliably protect flamingos from predators during the mating season, so millions of these birds come here to nest, but it is still quite dangerous event - Flamingos build their nests on the islands of salt water that surround the death of the lake.

The alkalinity of the lake reaches exorbitant marks, and the water temperature is 60 ° C, so the animals (mostly birds), falling into the lake, immediately killed and their remains are covered with minerals and harden, turning into stone statues.

For the first time a unique "ability" Natrona kill animals and turn them into statues discovered photographer Nick Brandt during his next trip to Africa. He made a report, placing the remains as if these birds and bats are alive, that made him look like scenes footage from a horror movie.



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