NASA is building a spaceship.

NASA team under the leadership of Harold White started to develop warp drive space, the ability to move faster than light objects. With it, scientists are going to overcome the 4, 3 light years that separate us, Alpha Centauri, two nedeli.Proekt called "Speed", says MC.

Several months ago, the physicist Harold White stunned the world cosmonautics, announcing that he and his team at NASA began work on the development of warp drive space, the ability to move objects faster than the speed of light, tells
His proposed concept was witty reinterpretation Alcubierre drive, and can eventually lead to the establishment of the engine, which will transport the spacecraft to the nearest star for several weeks - without violating the laws of physics.

The idea occurred to the engine White, when he analyzed the remarkable equation formulated by physicist Miguel Alcubierre. In its work in 1994 under the name "Base Drive: High-speed travel in the general theory of relativity," Alcubierre proposed a mechanism by which the space-time can be "deformed" both in front of and behind the spacecraft. In fact, if the empty space behind the spaceship will expand rapidly, ahead of a contract, it will push the ship forward. Passengers will take it as a movement, despite the complete lack of acceleration.
Engine compresses the space curvature and extends in front of the ship behind, allowing the movement of the ship.
From the viewpoint of mechanics of the engine, in the form of a spheroid object will be placed between the two regions of space-time with different properties. This is nothing locally does not exceed the speed of light and space can expand and contract at any speed.
Nevertheless, the space-time sufficiently rigid, so creating effects of expansion and contraction will require a lot of energy to overcome the interstellar distances for reasonable periods of time. The idea is to change the White geometry of the warp drive - he corrected the shape of a ring Alcubierre, which was surrounded by a spheroid, making it thicker and curvier.
The new approach can significantly reduce the required amount of exotic matter. White says that the deformation of the disc may activate while a smaller mass than the spacecraft "Voyager-1ยป.
The basis of the engine will be modified interferometer Michelson-Morley experiment, which measures tiny perturbations in space-time.
White and his colleagues try to simulate the best Alcubierre drive in miniature, using lasers to disturb space-time with a frequency of 10 million Hertz, reports
First test device implements a large ring of potential energy - through the use of the ring ceramic capacitors charged to a voltage of tens of thousands of volts.
White indicates that the physical forces arising from a quantized field, may be a viable approach after these experiments, NASA will be able to move from the theoretical solutions to practical problems.


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