Family of fox / The Fox Family.

Country: South Korea
Genre: musical, fantasy, comedy
Duration: 102min
Director: Lee Hyun Gon / Hyung-gon Lee
* Jung Woo Ha
* Hyun Mo
* Yu-Mi Kyung
* Hee-ra Kim
* Yoon Gyu Park
* Xi-Yong Park
* Yongnyeo Seonwoo
* Choi Jin-suk

Bunch strange fox, consisting of the Pope, a son and two daughters, came down from the mountains within 30 days before the big eclipse. Once in 1000 years they can become people if eaten on the day of the eclipse on the human liver, as long as they open in the circus. At the same time in the area began to find bodies torn women. Detective Police suspect in the murder little family.


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