Freight train fell into the canyon from hitting the boulder

In the US state of Wyoming freight train owned by BNSF, following in the bottom of the canyon Wind River,
derailed derailed and fell into the river. Guide railroad claims,
that the cause of emergency became a fallen boulder on the tracks of a large size.

Composition resulted from Laurel (Montana) in Denver, consisted of 62 wagons and transported a total of 45 different goods, including paper products and wood. Seventeen cars distilled empty. According to the company that owns the train, in the locomotive at the time of emergency were two people. The composition was moving at a speed of about 60 km / h and after a collision with a huge boulder is literally falling apart. Locomotive and one car fell into the river and partly disappeared under the water. The driver and his assistant got out of the cab through the open door, and then were taken to a local hospital.


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