Glass floor in the aircraft Virgin Atlantic

Usually people try as soon as possible to register for the flight in time to get a seat by the window and enjoy the in-flight world with a height of several thousand meters. But Virgin Atlantic airline passengers in the near future it will be possible to forget about such a hurry. Because now the window will appear not only on the sides of the fuselage, but also on its dnische.

Airline Virgin Atlantic has officially announced that already holds the corresponding modernization of the aircraft Airbus A320. This airliner in the aisle will be a long window of frosted glass of aviation, through which passengers will be able to admire the clouds and spread out at the bottom of unprecedented panoramas before the earth's surface. To achieve this effect, an aeronautical engineer had to work hard. After all, they were forced to transfer technical communications, usually hidden in the bottom of samoleta.

Problems are also expected with passengers who are scared of heights. After all, they are so hard to experience flying on airplanes. And in this case they generally will have to walk on the glass, located somewhere in the clouds. So staff upgraded Airbus A320 will take a special course of psychological training to learn how to deal with such passengers alarmists.



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