Drunken Master / Drunken master.

Year: 1978
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Woo-Ping Yuen
Genre: Action, Comedy

Starring: Jackie Chan, Simon Yuen st., Hwang Jang Lee, Chiang Kham, Chiao Lin

Description: Jackie Chan plays a young man, nicknamed for his cheerful disposition Naughty Panther. Long-term training in the school of kung fu from his father did not give him serious skills, as all the free time he spent on entertainment with friends. Humiliating and cruel defeat in the battle with the master of kung fu change its attitudes to learning and training is taken for his uncle - a great fighter with a formidable reputation. Teacher instilling in him a deep knowledge of technology and philosophy of one of the most difficult styles of martial arts - "drunk", which allowed to grow into a great invincible master.


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