The finale of "Miss Russian prisons" takes Yoshkar-Ola

In early June, Yoshkar-Ola gather the most beautiful employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service, in order to clarify the internal dispute,
one of them will be awarded the honorary title of "Miss UIS Russia - 2010". The final show will be held All-Russia competition
at 12 pm on June 12 at the Palace of Culture named XXX anniversary of the Victory. Of course, the action on the stage of "thirty" will be the culmination of the competition,
but in fact the parade of beauty and professionalism will begin on June 9. Employee of the prison department, representing 11 Russian regions,
will compete in the dash and on the treadmill in the pool and in the hall for close combat. Furthermore,
for the first beauties prison authorities provided the theoretical knowledge examination in the penitentiary legislation.
The organizers have no doubt that in the final stage of the Palace of Culture will be a colorful and memorable show, during which a representative jury
call the most, the employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Visitors to our website can also take in the election of the most active part
 - By means of electronic voting, which ended exactly two hours before the start of the final show.
The winner will receive a virtual voting very real valuable prize. You can vote for this site.


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