Noble metals or coin that can be purchased for 1 million tanks

Granules gold

rates for 1 kg and 1 liter (m3)

properties of noble metals.
As you can see, Americans do not knowingly fake gold.
Price per kg or per liter of tungsten is 800 times lower than gold.
A density of them is the same.

Gold 1 kg, Russia - forward!

Gold bullion is 1, 5 million rubles.

Now, in America ... first among Chinese bankers, now American jewelers. We have their problems.

Old Man "May" real gold.

Gold Roulette ... as always in Russia - "unfinished" ;-) (not all fields - Black No 13 and No 21)

Platinum bar on the right of 8 million rubles.

Platinum bar 8, 2 million rubles.

This post - Light. ;-)
If you like fishaytsam Doctor do Advanced Video post about platinum, gold, silver and copper.

nemeryannom number of day.


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