To travel to the US on the Lamborghini Gallardo American sold all

American Richard Jordan has overcome on his Lamborghini Gallardo nearly 92,000 miles (148,000 kilometers) for four years,
traveling to the United States. In order to buy a supercar in loans and go into an endless journey,
Jordan sold in 2006, all of his possessions. Read the continuation ...

To purchase a car of your dreams American decided after left him a bride. To make up for the loss, Jordan sold his house in North Texas and the car, as well as all other values ​​that he had. As a result, the man managed to collect 90 thousand dollars for a down payment, the remaining 90 thousand dollars Jordan took credit. In addition, in the four years he had spent on his journey of about 25 thousand dollars, including the payment of 53 speeding tickets. For a considerable time, Jordan was able to defer payments on the loan: this was possible as long as the value of the supercar was less than the amount that he owes the bank. After that, the Americans came to settle in Dallas and open a shop selling motorcycles. Despite considerable mileage Gallardo, Jordan says that for the time operation of the vehicle never faced with failure. Having studied the proposal for second hand cars on eBay, portal Jalopnik concluded that Gallardo Jordan can be called the record for the run. The maximum number of miles driven in Lamborghini is 39,000 miles (63,000 kilometers) and this machine is older than that of Jordan - 2004 model year. On average, run of the Italian supercars rarely exceed the mark of ten thousand miles (16,000 kilometers).


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