Karelia. River Keret

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Keret river calm. thresholds little

Lake, tranquil stretches. climbing shoes, swamps and mosquitoes to midge

But mushrooms have enough

on the banks of the abandoned and deserted villages conditional

Uneven team.

any threshold can be effectively sfotkat

River goes into the White Sea, where you can catch the star

another nut


loss of oars. caught later

Great drying

this year the fish caught is very bad. like meat

heated stones for the bath. beautiful. soon they will become white

it was not boring. adventure sought and found

a little bit of magic camp

sunbathe each in its own

mid-August. at night it was very fresh

a pair of natural pictures. Well, where do without them. though they do not convey all the beauty, but the memories awakened


and this fresh water lake on the island. not simply the lake ...

track him go. mined here something.

berries are so many girls are preparing yummy

studying flowers

and marine inhabitants

men are still trying to get the meat

we. in the photo, not all

Our cat

water and sky beautiful



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