Elle Fanning in a magazine Fashion magazine: about the movie, Angelina Jolie and dream man

Actress Elle Fanning again appeared on the pages of glossy magazine. This time, the young actress starred in the cover-story for the Canadian edition of Fashion magazine. The magazine El looks both elegant and touching. Apparently, the image of Princess Aurora, which El starred in "Maleficent" fell like a young Fanning.

However, Fanning not only took part in the photoset, but told reporters on the gloss film, about a meeting with Angelina Jolie and many other things.

About Discover and Angelina Jolie:

"When she enters a room, everyone notices her presence - she has a very powerful energy. I'm terribly nervous before our acquaintance with her, but as soon as we met, she hugged me, and I calmed down. Her best no one could play Maleficent »

Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning

Stills from the film "Maleficent»

The work:

"I prefer to think that all this fun. That's why I love this job. I think that will never get tired of it, because you figure that had never felt or experienced. »

Stills from the film "Maleficent»

About stereotypes in movies:

"Until now, we shoot a lot of movies in which women are dependent on men. We are not always in search of love and attention. We are quite comfortable with myself. A lot of films that tells about lonely guys. They just go about their business, live their lives. And I do not understand why we can not do the same ».

Elle Fanning on the cover of Fashion magazine

About the man dreams:

"It would be Ryan Gosling! One day he gave me a hug. And I've got a coloring book with him. So when I want to, I can paint it. »

Elle Fanning in a photo shoot for the magazine Fashion magazine


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