& quot; It made us cry & quot; - Project Marina Abramovic

Photographer Marina Abramovic from Yugoslavia took a series of people crying. Crying, they made their most unusual way: sit opposite the man and stared into his eyes. While he did not shed a tear.

What if a stranger sits down in front of you and will look you in the eye? How much time will pass before you weep? One condition: we must sit silent and motionless as a mountain.

164 minutes

2 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes

7 minutes

8 minutes

9 minutes

5 minutes

A total of Marina Abramovic sat in the building of the museum still for 716 hours and 30 minutes. I came face to face with 1500 people. Some specially stood in line to feel the impact of sight.

10 minutes

11 minutes

12 minutes

11 minutes

14 minutes

Marina published a book, which contains pictures of people whose faces appear on the emotions. "Marina Abramovic made me cry" - so called project.

12 minutes

18 minutes

26 minutes

But curiously, if such an experiment she conducted in countries where the look in his eyes - a sign of harrasmenta? Or is it generally is forbidden by religion? Who would have cried?

18 minutes

28 minutes

29 minutes

45 minutes

After writing the book Marina turned to the people whose photos are in the book:

If you recognize yourself in this gallery, please, tell me what you feel at that moment? We would be interested!


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