25 most successful frame of April.

Creative shot from the millions of other distinguished correctly to catch the moment. This may be a moment lighteneth lightning, a small fish in an open beak of a bird or unusual drop shadow.

Therefore, we can be the best photographer in the world, but sometimes in order to make the most stunning frame is required only at the right time in the right place and time to press the button.
We present 25 spectacular photos of April to create effects that do not use any graphic editors, only attention and creative view of the photographer.

25 photos and some text.

Bad fall. Onebigphoto

The eruption of angry volcano Cordon Kaulle, Chile. © Rival Gustavo

No reliable bulwark in the world than our native swamp! © Roman Mokrov

Girl in the tulip fields of Holland. Flickr

Equilibrium. © Taro Smith

Happiness. © Kersti Kalberg

That very moment. © Richard Heeks

Yoga by the Sea. OMGFacts

Balls in the reservoir of Los Angeles. Reddit

Group-weaver ants, Indonesia. Solent

Air rodeo, N. America. © Mark Caplan

On one side. © Lassi Rautiainen

Two worlds. © Marjan Radovic

Winter Kamchatka. © Igor Shpilenok

Playing dolphins. © Nadia Aly

Column reindeer. © Stefan Brenner

The monument to Genghis Khan, Mongolia. Reddit

Light of the world in the Philippines. © Reuters

Polar bears. © Steven Kazlowski

Steel yourself know that. Reddit

The island life. © Ian Beveridge

Vietnamese women. © Nguyen Bao Son

Undersea world. © RawSquirrel

Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan. © Miki Asai

Racing with the ship. © Richard Steinberger

then in the best picture quality, their PLs something compresses :(
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