In Canada, at an air show crashed fighter CF-18

Demo pilot Captain Brian Buse (Brian Bews), Got PPL in 1995 (he studied for his denyuzhku), in 1999 he graduated from Mount Royal University
(Mount Royal in Calgary) again for their denyuzhku and got CPL with multiimpellent rating. After that, he joined the Air Force.
Passed initial training on the CT-155 Hawk, then advanced training, and then selected a squad of fighters on the CF-18.
Total flying more than 1400 hours, including CF-18 over 1200.
Aircraft - serial number CF188738 from a base in Bagotvile, Quebec, in a special color
in 2010 on the 100th anniversary of the Navy of Canada.
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Maneuver - HAOAP - pass on the maximum angle of attack. Nominal parameters - the height of 500 feet AGL, the rate of 120-130 KCAS, the angle of attack of 25 degrees, tolerances - the minimum height of 400 feet, masimalno angle of attack of 35 degrees. The maneuver is completed cottage full afterburner and access to the hill at an angle of 50-55 degrees with overclocking. Management for maneuver almost exclusively pedals and the sliders (there is a tendency to climb, so that the sliders have to play all the time for holding the horizon), the handle is on the soft stop (in the stomach). Emergency began to develop in the end of the maneuver, at a very informal information is not revealed to the nozzle of the right engine, it could be a million from the technical to the human (ask, for example, Garnaeva - he killed the two engines on the bell). Emergency procedure is complete flexibility in the loss of one engine provides a return on yourself when you hold as much as possible from further kreneniya pedals, loss of height to restore manageability 350-400 feet at angles of attack of 35 degrees and a recovery is not possible (keels in the wind shadow and ineffective, I because why sprshival "Why PACF such small keels?", and no su ... pilot did not answer that PACF shading is not?). Martin Baker worked better than Guy Severin, but unlike Kvochura digateli O drove his chair not in the ground and up, very tough opening parachute 0.5 seconds, an overload of more than 20, so the pilot complaints on low back pain, we hope that this and limited.

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