Flying Over China

Yesterday we had to fly over Moscow at night and see all her splendor with bird's-eye view. In this photo essay, I suggest you go back to the more daylight hours and fly over China. Fly over China - not less exciting spectacle than over Moscow. Endless fields, greenhouses, factories, high-rise blocks that go beyond the horizon of the overpass. The mind is not understandable how quickly everything is built. Every kilometer of land mastered and constantly rebuilt. Every time I fly to China and does not recognize landscapes. Everywhere, new roads, interchanges, at home even higher factory even more.

The only thing that remains intact - a mountain. Although there wherever you look - the quarry, then blow up something.

Here are some town built ...

At the bottom of all factories

As a computer game

A new road is being built. Such roads and interchanges around, build them in China with amazing speed. Want to get upset - look at the statistics, how many kilometers of roads built and how many Chinese - we ...

Endless fields

This rack railway, on which the high-speed train ride.


At the center of the frame, you can see the high-speed train

Again greenhouse



The suburbs of Beijing

Beijing Airport



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