Giants - a real miracle of nature

In the old days in Ireland living the good giant Finn Mac Cool with his wife, Una, and through the Strait of it in Scotland, he lived an evil giant Benadonna. Scot constantly touched and hurt the Irish. One day Finn Mac Cool Benadonne shouted: "If I could swim that crossed the strait to 2 minutes, and you can fight would be for the most do not play!" But he did not know how to swim. Then the Irishman decided to build a bridge across the strait. Seven days and nights he had not closed his eyes, dragged the huge stone cores in the sea and built a bridge across the strait. In the end he was very tired and thought, "Before the fight Benadonnoy I have a good rest" and went to sleep. At this time the Scottish giant saw the bridge and ran on it in Ireland. He began pounding on the door to the giant, but Finn Mac Cool fast asleep. His wife, Una was frightened and came up with a trick: it swaddle him as a baby. Opening the door, she said Benadonne "Tsssss! My baby sleeps! "Scot looked at the" baby "and thought," If Finn Mac Kula baby so much, what is he? "Startled, Benadonna fled back to Scotland, having broken for a full bridge. It has survived only the beginning of the Bridge of the Giants, consisting of hexagonal basalt columns, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the wonders of nature ...


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