Land without people

Imagine: people die.

And what will happen to the land? Interesting? Channel The History Chanel made an attempt to predict the post-apocalyptic future in his two-hour documentary Life After People.
Here are pictures from there.

Astrophysicist and author David Brin said: "Every civilization has its own stories about Armageddon and the Apocalypse, but we are the first generation, which by virtue of deliberate action, was the cause of his death».

It is difficult to disagree, because almost everything that we build, write, invent, is also to meet our basic needs, and therefore, it is necessary in the short perspektive.Nichego grand capable to compete with the time our civilization has not yet left.

Especially this theme, apparently worried about Americans.

Here is a chronology of how the collapse of New York.

2 days after the disappearance of people

Without constant pumping, New York City subway is completely filled with water.

7 days

Nuclear reactors ignite or melt, as they stop working water cooling system.

1 year

Cracked sidewalks, as they penetrated the gap water freezes and thaws.

From 2 to 4 years

In New York and other cities cracked streets are covered with grass and trees, whose roots further break down the sidewalk and destroy the already damaged sewer system.

4 years

Without heat homes and businesses fall victim to cyclical freeze / thaw and begin to break down.

5 years

By this time most of New York City may be burned, as a lightning strike in uncollected dead branches in Central Park can easily serve as the beginning of a catastrophic fire.

20 years

Many creeks and swamps formed in Manhattan, as the ruined streets are filled with water.

100 years

Roof almost all the houses collapsed, accelerating the destruction of buildings.

300 years

Suspension bridges in New York collapsed. However, arched bridges, especially those that are built to train them go, can stand a few hundred years

500 years

All New York is covered by dense forests.

5000 years

Since the shell of nuclear warheads corroded, radioactive plutonium-239 gets into the environment.

Over 15,000 years

The remnants of the past stone buildings in Manhattan fall under the pressure of impending glaciers, while the beginning of a new ice age.

35,000 years

Lead deposited in the soil from car exhaust in the 20th century, has finally dissipated.

100,000 years

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere returns to the pre-industrial level.

10 million years

Bronze sculptures, many of which still retain their shape, are relics of the era of mankind.

More than 1 billion years

While the brightness of the sun rises, the earth begins to heat up, but many species of insects and other animals can adapt to etomuprotsessu.

5 billion years

Earth evaporates, while the sun expands and absorbs all the inner planets.

Here's how scary.


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