Ten of the most extraordinary creatures on Earth

10th place - Tecticornia bibenda

This kind of got in the top 10 because of their appearance. The press release states that he looks like a man from the advertising company Michelin. Rod is a marvel of Western Australia, where every year opens up many new species. The most interesting thing is that many plants for the first time described in
under the influence of studying the mining industry on the environment, commissioned by the mining corporations. In 2007, in Western Australia it found 298 new species of plants.

9th place - Megaceras briansaltini

Rhinoceros beetles are allocated a massive horn on his head. But the new species is distinguished by the fact that his horn as two drops of water similar to the horn cartoon character «A Bug's Life» by name Dim. Rare case when naturally find something very similar to fudge.

8th place - Malo kingi

The second type of deadly jellyfish kind Malo was named after
Robert King, who, in fact, died after collided with
one of these jellyfish in the north of Queensland (Australia).

7th place - Xerocomus silwoodensis

But this new kind of fungi was found on campus (student hostel) in London. Later, he was able to find in two places in England, one in Spain and one in Italy. Here is a striking example of how little science knows more. A new species of fungi found at the hostel of the University, teaching the world's leading biologists.

6th place - Styloctenium mindorensis

This fruit bat found only on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. The second species of this genus can be found only on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

5th place - Oxyuranus temporalis

And here is the new snake, claiming the title of the most poisonous in the world.
Her closest relatives - Mainland Taipan and Coastal Taipan for
virulence held the first and third in the world respectively.

4th place - Philautus maia

And this kind has been described by a single museum exhibits stored since 1860. Yes, scientists still do not classify even half a century ago found instances. To date, this type certainly disappeared. Anyway, in the nature of a scientist he did not meet. So do not pick someone had in 1860, the world would have never found out that this kind existed.

3rd place - Desmoxytes purpurosea

Centipede come in various shapes and sizes. But this kind of bright pink stands out among them.
Scientists speculate that the bright colors and daring behavior (this
view free to spend long periods in open spaces
day) are intended to show the possibility of toxicity to predators centipedes.

2nd place - Gryposaurus monumentensis

Oddly enough, but the new species for science and here are these prehistoric creatures. This dinosaur age 75 million years, the researchers have described the museum Alf.

1st place - Electrolux addisoni

But this huge electric slope named after the well-known of Electrolux and Thomas Edison. According to scientists, it should emphasize the features of the ramp. Firstly, it is quite powerful electric shock that has experienced photographers and researchers. Secondly, in the video showing feeding stingray seen how hard it pulls the ground. He may even be able to compete with well-known vacuum cleaners.


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