Prince Charles VS Yanukovych

The image of Prince Charles, especially after his divorce Princess Diana, has never been fanned by a halo of goodies. Well, so it served the press. As there are actually things were, we hardly ever know for sure. And the importance of this, by and large, has only the two of them and their entourage.
But the quality of "public" for the subjects much more important. What is it? Yes, many. Including personal courage. The prince is often attempted. If you wish, you can find the video (so one case - for sure). How to behave at the same time the British heir? Yes believes heir to the throne - calmly and with dignity. Moreover, according to a report about similar acts, it is not playacting - people really perceive danger in this way. In an interview after the assassination of Sydney, he answered the question astonished reporter with a share of self-irony: "You see, in our family a thousand years have improved the breed." Not all accepted then the joke. And in America, when he repeated it word for word, and does enraged. But sleeping on the traditional float "the former metropolis - a former colony." And it's not about that right now.
Do you remember the famous egg roll in Yanukovych and his reaction was mortally wounded on the hit? Somehow does not fit in with the appearance of the ruler, is not it? Like England and visited, the same Charles spoke. How can breed to improve something. Or you need to wait a thousand years?


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