Photos National Geographic for January 2011

We offer you a great selection of the best photos from National Geographic in January - a total of 31, the number of days of the month.
Please note that most of the photos are available in high resolution
and can be used as wallpaper for your desktop.

1. I have the priceless opportunity to see how these amazing builders are building their own "home" from the very beginning to end - from the base of the leaves until the last few sprigs. And all this in order to please the lady of the heart. (Jiri Slama)

2. Beautiful frosty landscape at sunset in Alberta. (Dwayne Holmwood)

3. Located in the commercial dock Port Orford, Oregon, a small cozy restaurant, a seafood restaurant, decorated for the holiday. Life in this fishing village as if stuck in the past when life was less hectic, and when we have noticed and appreciated the simple pleasures of life. (Randall Scholten)


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