Camaya highest TV tower in the world

Guangzhou TV Tower - the tallest tower in the world. Built in 2005-2010
by ARUP for the Asian Games 2010. Height of the tower is 610 meters.
Up to a height of 450 meter tower built as a combination carrier hyperboloid mesh
shell and a central core. Hyperboloid structure retina TV tower
Guangzhou matches patent number 1896 on 12 March 1899 the Russian engineer Shukhov.

1. The retina of the tower is made of steel pipes of large diameter. The tower is crowned by a steel spire height of 160 meters. The tower is designed to broadcast TV and radio signals, as well as to review the panorama of Guangzhou and is designed for reception of 10,000 tourists a day.

2. The tower is designed by Dutch architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit and won with her project at the international competition in 2004 86,432,071

3. Inside the tower are located underground parking and a shopping center TV and radio transmitters, restaurants, exhibition space, 4D-cinema, games room, viewing platforms, etc. However, while much is still open

4. All the LED lighting tower and economical, and is constantly changing artful design idea 26,844,414

5. And now the criticism is easy. First, the entrance to the elevator decent turn. Since all take place entirely from the Chinese, it is not a very good - the people around is not considered shameful to discuss something, shouting in his ear or just lean on you, etc. The ticket office contrary wind howled, ticket prices between 50 and 150 yuan. The higher the more expensive. Taking the most expensive ticket you think that there will be less people and very often the intelligentsia, but in fact turns out that all just take the most expensive tickets, so all the lifts freely, and the elevator to the top floor stand 20 minutes 84,552,312

6. Now, about the observation. If important is the fact that you went up to a height of 400 meters with something, then this function is no problem. And if you want to admire the views, then, at least at night, it's a bad job - the entire circumference of the windows are wide metal pipe, which in addition also clearly highlighted. The rare pieces of glass that are not blocked by metal structures hopelessly smeared fingers, and all kinds of spotlights illuminates


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