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In 1936, a new sort of sausage - doctoral. The name of the sausage explained the special honorable "mission" - it was intended "for the correction of health of persons affected by the tyranny of the Tsarist regime».


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Capacity of the CD was chosen by Japanese developers, so that it is fully fit to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony - a favorite product of the Vice-President of Sony. Although the total duration of the disc in 74 minutes, which arose as a result of different technical approvals was still half a minute shorter than the duration of the symphony.


Source: en.wikipedia.org

Export name Lada Kalina Finland - Lada 119, as in Finnish means Kalina crackling roar, and the sound of rattling.


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Hamburg, Germany, is the world record for the number of axles. They are more than 2,300, which is higher than the number of bridges in Venice, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg together.


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Members of KISS for the promotion of the first comic book about himself donated blood and mixed it with red ink in the printing publishing comics.


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In the entire history of the Soviet Sports Lottery Lottery All 6 out of 45 numbers correctly guessed it 2 or 3 times.


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The word "umbrella" appeared in the Russian language from the Dutch in this form. Already then it was perceived by the people as a diminutive, and large umbrellas began to use the word "umbrella».


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Light propagates in a transparent medium with a velocity less than c (the speed of light in vacuum). For example, photons, are experiencing a lot of collisions on the way from the core of the sun, radiant energy may require a million years to reach the Sun's surface. However, moving in space, such as photons reaches the Earth in just 8, 3 minutes.


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Winston Churchill was very fond of Armenian cognac and a bottle of daily drank a 50 degree cognac "Dvin". One prime found that "Dvina" has lost its former flavor. He expressed his dissatisfaction with Stalin. It turned out that the master Margar Setrakian, who was involved in blending "Dvina" and exiled to Siberia. His back, reinstated in the party. Churchill again became the favorite to get the brandy and Sedrakyan was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.


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Charles Simonyi became the first two-time space tourist to fly to the ISS in 2007 and 2009. He recently got married, and the marriage contract, among other things, contains a prohibition to fly into space for the third time.


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Scientists have long wondered what is the origin of the strange plot of grass in the form of a two-meter letter M on an island in Antarctica. According to Chilean researchers, this "letter" a few years ago put the Polish scientist of excrement penguins in honor of his beloved Magda.


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More than half of Ethiopia's population - Orthodox Christians.


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In 1788, Napoleon, being a lieutenant, tried to enter the Russian service, but was refused led the volunteers set to participate in a war with Turkey Zaborovsky lieutenant-general. Just a month before the petitions of Napoleon issued a decree on the adoption of the foreigners in the service of the rank below, what Napoleon did not agree.


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The human body digests the milk through a special enzyme - lactase. It was originally produced only in the body of infants to drink mother's milk. However, some people have a "defect", through which the enzyme elaborated their intestines life. The ability to drink milk gave them a competitive advantage among the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, there is a lack of calcium and vitamin D. And they and their offspring were healthy. Gradually this gene spread among all the inhabitants of Northern Europe. And the Chinese, natives of America, Australia, and East Africa, the indigenous peoples of the North, this gene does not appear, so they do not drink milk.


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In late 1991, with New Year's address to the nation it was a complete mess. Gorbachev was formally president of the USSR, but it does not solve anything. Yeltsin Dec. 31 had drunk and was also not in a position to congratulate. Honorable role offered Mikhail Zadornov, who was the leading "blue fire". Satirist performed live and so carried away that spoke for a minute longer. For him arrested chiming clock.


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During the years of the Great Patriotic War St. Isaac's Cathedral was never subjected to direct artillery fire - only one shell hit the western corner of the cathedral. Under assumptions of military reason that the Germans used the highest dome of the city as a benchmark for the adjustment. It is not known whether this assumption was guided by the leadership of the city, when decided to hide in the basement of the Cathedral of the value of the other museums that have not had time to take up the blockade. But as a result, and building, and safely store valuables.


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The expression "Balzac Age" emerged after the Balzac novel "The Thirty Years 'woman' and admissible against women no older than 40 years.


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In Korea, a person growing up in the year is not the birthday, and on January 1. When a child is born, his age is automatically considered to be one year and the January 1 next year it gets 2 years. Teachers and caregivers of young children, it is important to clarify what age they were told - Korean or Western.


Source: www.asia-pacific-connections.com

In 1992, the football player Sergei Bodak moved from Samara "Wings of the Soviets" in Vladikavkaz "Spartacus" in exchange for a set of maroon football shape for the team.


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Sales of beer "Baltika" in the UK began in 2003, with this brand positioned in the market as the super, and sell for $ 6-7 for a half-liter bottle, 15% more expensive than a bottle of beer "Guinness».


Source: ru.wikipedia.org

1C Company was initially called its own search program: no more than 1C (one second) required to obtain the required information.


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Steel for the American satellites, which measure the cosmic radiation had to be extracted from the sunken ship in 1919 "Crown Prince Wilhelm," because the background radiation from the steel, manufactured after 1945, is too large.


Source: en.wikipedia.org

The public libraries of medieval Europe were riveted to the shelves of the book chain. These chains were long enough to remove the book from the shelf and read it, but did not allow to make a book out of the library. This practice has been extended until the 18th century, which was caused by a large value of each copy of the book.


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In 1982, the German Chess Federation, after years of attempts made by the Ministry of Finance recognition of chess "dominating a sport that has educational value" (which allowed the federation to obtain tax benefits). The decisive argument was the quotation from the letter of the Prussian king Frederick the Great: "Chess raising the propensity to think independently." The end of this sentence, which is the federation chose not to bring, read: "... and therefore they should not be encouraged."


Source: www.freechess.ru

In the early 19th century off the coast of Japan, the ship sank with expensive Korean porcelain. All cargo was on the bottom, and at such a depth that divers would not get to it. Almost a hundred years one fisherman came up with the idea to use porcelain octopus for lifting from the bottom. To octopus tied a rope and lowered. After a short time the octopus found refuge in one of the vases, pulled the rope. Octopus tenaciously clutched at what he thought was his refuge, and together with the load rises to the top.
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The Englishman Horace de Vere Cole became famous as the famous prankster. One of his best jokes began handing out tickets at the theater. Having given strictly defined place bald men, he has achieved that with these bald skull from the balcony reads like an expletive.
Source: www.nytimes.com

All Israeli stamps on the reverse side kosher smeared with glue.


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When golllivudskogo filming the movie "Muhammad - the messenger of God," the director had to comply with the ban on depiction of the prophet of Islam and playing his speech. All scenes with Mohammed were removed from the face of the prophet, and were silent, and told them the words of the other characters in the film were repeated in other scenes.


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The smell of wet earth, which we feel after the rain - is an organic substance geosmin, which is produced on the surface of the earth living cyanobacteria and actinobacteria.


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In 1820 in Brazil, a spontaneous mutation in one of the bush orange tree has led to the emergence of seedless oranges, known as the Navel orange. Multiply this sort could only by grafting, so all existing in the world today is a clone of the trees brought that same Brazilian wood.


Source: en.wikipedia.org


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