The strangest collection (10 photos)

Loved to collect postcards, stamps or inserts of gum? Surely these hobbies have been over the years ... But these people are dedicated to the hobby - collecting - more than a year, and this is not the limit.

Collection of rubber ducks Valley Hammer - was not the largest in the world, at least in the collection no one recurring ducks. In her collection size in 2469 ducks were just a few hundred to break the world record set by a woman from California.

Dimitris Pistiolas from Athens holds the largest collection of video cameras - all he has 937 models of ancient and modern spotlights.

Since 2003, the Chinese collector Wang Guohua collecting packs of cigarettes, some of which he keeps in his room in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The collection of 30,000 cigarette packs more than 100 companies from 10 countries.

Collection Pokemon Lisa Courtney got into the Guinness Book of Records. The collection of 12,113 toys.

Basement Ron Hood, who lives in Lewiston, Maine, has been altered under a veritable museum of candy PEZ. Now he has a collection of more than 3,000 candy-toy PEZ, although he considers it "a little».

Farmer Heinrich Cat demonstrates a few of their 20,000 beer mugs in Kukskhavene. He does not drink beer, but circles collecting since 1997.

Guinness World Records recognized the collection of owls Pam Barker of Leeds, the largest in the world. In her collection of 18,000 owls.

Mary Ann Sell of Cincinnati owns a collection of films from the View-Master 40 000.

Keychain, bought in Vietnam (where he served as a helicopter gunner), was for 41-year-old Ron Tyler's first in his now huge collection.

Collection Santa Claus Sharon Badzhli so big (6000), she took three weeks to get everyone together.


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