The Darwin Awards: most ridiculous death ...

Darwin Award is awarded to those who died or lost the ability to have children, the most stupid, ridiculous and funny way. Taking, therefore, contribute to the gene pool of humanity. What, in fact, only for the better ...

Do not sit on a tree stump

Luck has decided to turn his back to the 59- year-old resident of California when he flopped his fifth point of the open pipe drenazhёrnuyu pool. Given that the suction force of the pipe was 300 pounds (136 kg.) Per 1 square inch, that he simply had no chance of spasenie- his small intestine was completely drained and cleaned.

Grob- killer

Owner French funeral Mark Burdzhada death zashiblo pile of coffins, which collapsed on him right in his own shop in 1982. The man was safely buried in one of the killers grobov-.

Quiet Sleep

Hampshire resident Mark Gleeson in 1996 decided to make itself and its neighbors quiet night with his feminine hygiene pads his nostrils. Nedotёpa just suffocated in his sleep.

Phone ass

Prosecutor Antonio Mendoza confirmed the old adage: you can laugh at yourself in any situation. Slipping on the bathroom tile he fell right on the fifth accurate vertically standing on the floor of a cell phone. The operation to extract the phone from the anus already lasted three hours because the unit cover opened. During the operation, the phone rang several times and vibrated, and let the victim on this occasion such a joke that doctors and nurses really laugh. In the end, the phone was lost, and had to explain to the public prosecutor for a long time caller, which was at that time his phone))

Tamagotchi hungry

Young French lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. Her passenger was seriously hurt, voditelnitsa died. Her attention was distracted Keychain Tamagotchi, which squeaked suddenly, demanding food. By pressing the right buttons, the lady had saved his life, but it broke up with their own.

Gasoline vomiting

The young Canadian, wondering how to get drunk cheaply, did not find the best way how to mix milk with gasoline. Of course, from such a mixture it began to vomit, and he could not find a better place sblevat than burning fireplace. As a result of the explosion and the fire that burned the house, killing himself and his sister.

Relaxed death

German soldier bought a hammock and decided to hang it on the back wall in the barracks, where he lived with a neighbor. Not finding anything better hero hung it between cupboards. As he lay on a hammock, cabinets fell on him and prishibli death.

Drunken courage

Christophe Azninski, 30 years old, drinking with friends, when it was decided to undress and play "men's games." First they beat each other over the head with icicles, but then one of them grabbed the chainsaw and cut off part of his leg. To beat him, Azninski grabbed his chain saw and said, "Then look at this!" - Swung and cut off his head.


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