BevShots: Abstraction in the glass

Company Bevshots conjunction with Florida State University has established a joint project, in which a variety of alcoholic drinks and cocktails were photographed under a microscope at 1000 × magnification. Initially beverage crystallized, and then, using an ordinary light microscope with a camera photographed. The light beam passing through the crystal, creates a magical play of colors that we see in the pictures. Great colors and shapes alcoholic art correctly emphasizes natural light. Each drink is unique, like a snowflake. Photos Bevshots for sale. Opened in August 2009, the company Bevshots sold more than 20 thousand copies of the pictures of alcoholic beverages.

1. Cocktail «Cosmopolitan».

2. Vodka.

3. Vodka tonic.

4. The cocktail "Margarita».

5. Mint julep.

6. The American pale ale.


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