Errors in the cold.

ERROR №1 - Breathing in a scarf.
Many people mistakenly hide in the cold mouth and nose with a scarf. This can lead to angina or bronchitis. When we breathe in wool pairs, under the action of frost, there is formed a kind of crust, because of this ice layer of air becomes colder.

ERROR №2 - bow.
This error is explained first ~ bundled up in a scarf person stops breathing nose and mouth have to inhale oxygen. Which ultimately can lead to colds.

ERROR №3 - Cramping.
When the first symptoms of frostbite should go into the first shop on the way (to warm up). Mistakenly people pass by.

ERROR №4 - Headache.
Basically this error make children and women. In the rush to forget thoroughly dried head they carry out. Which is not good. on wet hair and clothing increases the likelihood of heat loss.

ERROR №7 - pomyvochnaya.
Before going out is not necessary to take a shower, because it increases the likelihood of hypothermia, and likely to suffer the loss of its own heat.


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