Photos National Geographic for April 2011

A new month, and we once again publish the traditional selection of the best photos from National Geographic. As usual, most of the pictures are available in high resolution and can be used as wallpaper.

1. Mount Merapi, Indonesia. On that day the sun rose directly due to Merapi, "Fire Mountain", highlighting the ominous volcanic smoke that constantly creeps above the horizon. In the foreground of the picture - Borobudur, Buddhist stupa and associated temple complex. Dense morning fog over the forest and rural landscape gives something unreal. (Photograph by Greg Shaw) 78,879,134

2. Cowboy, Cabo San Lucas. This image of a cowboy in Cabo San Lucas was taken at sunset, the air was very stuffy, and light the effect was stunning. When I saw rider toward me, I immediately realized that there is the epitome of beauty of this Mexican city. It is not the ocean, not the whales and seals are frolicking off the coast. It's really all the beauty of this place pass people. They make it spectacular. (Photograph by Brooke Krall) 92,289,594

3. Lonely boat in the sea. This picture I made during the hike on the Jasmund National Park, in north-eastern Germany. Immediately after the storm has passed, I witnessed this amazing picture: the sea was completely calm, and could be seen on the horizon, a tiny boat. (Photograph by Patrick Lienin) 97,034,025

4. Stingray in shallow water off the coast of Key West. When I sailed from the shores of the Bay of Key West, I discovered that my little boat surrounded by sharks and stingrays. They circled around me a couple of minutes, and then went about their business. " (Photograph by Kevin Azzouz) 45,434,263

5. Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River. Every year about half a million Canadian cranes stop to rest on the River Plat in Nebraska to be fed worms, corn, and remains so, that they will find in the surrounding fields. Cranes rest during the spring migration on the way from Mexico and southern US states to the north. (Photograph by Joel Sartore) 42,486,829

6. Rainbow over the Grand Canyon. Rainbow on a distant Hermit Trail at the southern end of the Grand Canyon on a cold November day after rare in this area of ​​the autumn rain. (Photograph by Akshay Sateesh) 58,261,523

7. Soil erosion in Madagascar. Soil erosion in Madagascar formed a pattern similar to the veins on the leaf surface. Erosion - one of the consequences of illegal logging rosewood forests of valuable species of mahogany. (Photograph by Pascal Maitre) 50,264,527

8. Blooming poppy field near Geneva. This fragile poppy unexpectedly staunchly opposed by a strong gust of wind swept over the wheat field not far from the Swiss capital. (Photograph by Gulen Erendag Legrand) 10,620,223

9. The storm in Florida. The Sunshine State is rain almost every day. When I came out of the shopping center in which I work, stormy sky was hanging, but very beautiful. I changed the lens to telephoto to take some pictures of the treetops and sky. But then I poured very strong rain, and I had to hide in the car. And then using the long lens I took this picture, I am focused on the cover of raindrops windshield. Due to this reduced depth of field and get a funny distortion, which is, I think, can convey a sense of thunderstorms in Florida. (Photograph by Michael Roberts) 65,374,056

10. White bear with cub, Shvalbard. From our inflatable boat, we saw the white bear that swam through in the fjord with a cub on his back and came out of the water, I began to shake oneself. Bear and remained on her back. Polar bears are so often defend their cubs from the cold, swim in the icy Arctic waters. (Photograph by Philip Dien) 49,912,210

11. Mount Metterhorn in the rays of the dawn sun, reflected in the waters of the lake ripples nearby Zermatt, Switzerland. (Photograph by Verena Popp-Hackner) 21,477,689

12. Long-tailed monkey, India. Hunting down tigers in the forest Ratambor, I went into some dry gray valley. On the other side, I noticed flowering trees and was about to install the camera on a tripod, when he saw the long-tailed monkey eats sweet red flowers. (Photograph by Mark Vincent Mueller) 96,439,726

13. The boiling lava of a volcano Nyiragongo in the Congo. The crater of the volcano Nyiragongo is one of the largest and least studied lava lakes, over 200 meters in length, and the depth of it is, perhaps, a few kilometers away. Twice lava flows erupted from the lake and ran toward the nearby city of Goma. (Photograph by Carsten Peter) 81,477,051

14. The February sun illuminates the earth, awaiting the arrival of spring. (Photograph by Giuliano Mangani,) 35,273,038

15. In this photo with a slow shutter speed, you can see four lightning over the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photograph by Richard T. Cole) 35,385,945

16. National Park Ķemeri in Latvia. Arose thousands of years ago, at a time when the Baltic Sea has receded, these marshes, swamps and woodlands form the national park "Kemeri", which is included in the program of the European Union «Natura 2000", which are under the protection of more than 27,000 objects. (Photograph by Diego Lopez) 70,846,185

17. Park Sioux "Cheyenne River", South Dakota. Among more than many US national parks - Park Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, South Dakota. Ancient boulder among feather in the Cheyenne River. Today, descendants of the Sioux across the United States are working hard to regain the land that belonged to them for many centuries. (Photograph by Jack Dykinga) A glacial remnant boulder is surrounded by grassland in Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Park in South Dakota. A growing number of tribes across the United States are making moves to bring back land crushed over generations of human use.


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