Volkswagen New Beetle will go on f..liyah

In England, it issued a convertible based on the iconic VW Beetle, which can work not only on gasoline, but also methane, derived from human excrement. The engine model, called Bio-Bug («biozhuk"), developed in the Bristol company GENeco, which specializes in processing and stabilization of organic waste.

"Before, we could not clean the methane produced from the feces, to such an extent that it can be fearlessly used in passenger cars, - told reporters the head of Mohammed Saddiq GENeco. - But now we have succeeded, and the new "Beetle" is no different from the machine on a conventional fuel. " At one demonstration model manufacturer has placed the inscription "Goes on the fact that you stand out" in order to draw the attention of buyers for an unusual source of energy.

When starting a two-liter engine uses the usual fuel, but quite warmed up, switching to natural gas, driving 8, 5 km to one cubic meter. Maximum speed is 183 unusual gig km / h. According to the manufacturer, the use of "biozhukov" will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 19 million tons.



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