Caring for large families

Our government cares about families with many children, sending them every six months parcel with sweets, and for each child.
Let's see what pet families in which there are many children.

To start here box:

Open this miracle and turns We reach a very "expensive and necessary" sweets. Here marshmallows:

That candy:

Multicolored marmalade (childhood hate him):

I forgot about the tea that all this is necessary to drink:

More there are cookies, which necessarily have to have coffee, but we just put the tea, so nothing happens. Let goes out:

The biggest and adequately treat this waffle cake with the telling name:

The last two sweets I just killed it paste (read carefully what kind of halva, Sunflower and glazed it!):

This is generally a masterpiece, imagine every six months voooot this chocolate! (20 grams for six months !!! glut oneself to it for six months should be enough to eat 0 10989010989011 grams per day):

Finally, so that no one doubted that deceive us and what is not reported to the cornucopia of help here out of the box:

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