Top 10 best movie premieres in 2013 according to Forbes

Today I want to introduce you to the ranking of the top 10 films of 2013, which was drafted publisher Forbes. What is most interesting in this hot "top ten" includes not only the box office movies, but also those whose budget was very modest, but have received a positive assessment from critics around the world. See below.

Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk
The film premiered on 10 October. During this period, he collected 51 mln. US dollars. This is the highest box office in the Russian box office. At the same time the production costs of the film amounted to 30 mln. US dollars - the most expensive budget in the history of Soviet and Russian cinema.

"Legend №17»
Directed by Nikolai Lebedev
This film provided the creators of 29 million. US dollars box office. The history of Soviet hockey legend Valery Kharlamov recalled that cinema should educate, guide and temper that art can be timed to coincide with the Olympics, and patriotism to be noisy and cash.

Directed Jora gooseberry
This picture in the first week of the show was a serious competition "Stalingrad". Comedy, shot for $ 1, 5 million, has gathered in the Russian box office of $ 25, 5 million. At the same time the cost of the advertising campaign were quite modest. Advertisement movie viewers have helped themselves. They are strongly recommended to friends and acquaintances to look ridiculous comedy.

"Life Adele»
Directed by Abdellatif Keshish
This film won the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Film Festival. In Russia alone, the picture looked more than 1 million. People. There just are not the views expressed by critics of the world after watching "Life Adele": politics, the decline of moral values ​​in Europe, the general decline in morals. But Spielberg described the film - a fresh powerful statement about love. About that same love that breaks and destiny, and the most persistent sexual orientation.

"Geography Globe propyl»
Director Alexander Veledinsky
Critics say the chorus that this picture, which has taken the Grand Prix at the "Kinotavr" for the first time in many years to reconcile the creators of mass cinema and arthouse. Moreover, Veledinsky able to find the image of the hero of our time. Konstantin Habensky, who played the main character of the film - a geographer, an alcoholic, made in the image of charm and even a certain morality.

"12 years of slavery»
Directed by Steve McQueen
The history of the years of slavery of free black violinist, who was kidnapped and sold in the slave market, "received not only critical acclaim and audience. They speak about it only in superlatives. In the "Golden Globe" this film was nominated almost all positions. Now this film - the most likely contender for the "Oscar".

"It's hard to be a god»
Directed by Alexei German
In total, the work on the painting "Hard to Be God" on the novel by Strugatsky brothers took 14 years. Alex Herman died without finishing the movie.
Heavy and "fierce" as he called it, Umberto Eco, the latest film of the beautiful German beauty, a beautiful in its ugliness delectable mysterious characters Bosch.

"Intimate space»
Directed by Natasha and Alex Merkulov Chupov
According to the unanimous opinion of critics, the film became the most revolutionary in the past year. The premiere of the film took place in the days of "Kinotavr" actually blew the audience. It is no accident the film's director called "revolutionary commando, abandoned us" Sex and the City "and pereplyunuvshego his part of the wide-open all possible intimate places hidden desires toward the audience."

"The sacred path»
Directed by Gianfranco Rosi
The director was able to cover all types of human specimens of modern Italy, which are found along the route of the Roman ring road, the same sacred tracks. It is interesting that this film - a classic art was marked by 70 Venice Film Festival, while he had no less than two dozen opponents, who claimed the title of the revolutionary films.

"The Hunger Games. Catching Fire »
Directed by Francis Lawrence
As of the end of November, the film became the leader of the world rolled, raking in $ 342 million. "The Hunger Games. Catching Fire "- the second part of the franchise. The first part came out last year, in the next to be third, which also consists of two parts.



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