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It all started with the fact that I came with ebay Apple MacBook PRO 15 ". I bought it for myself, but it turned out that not a soul laid him. After 13, "it seemed too heavy and uncomfortable. It was decided to sell it and take to replace something small.

Notebook sales

I wrote several ads. Including the A few hours after issuing lots hammer, I received in the mail that the item was won. The purchaser was registered on the day of purchase and is not outlined in the comments themselves to buy. In order to make sure that people really want to buy my laptop, I wrote him a letter of congratulation.

A day later I received an answer from the buyer.

In short: the laptop was bought for his son on his birthday, who lives in Nigeria, and is engaged in foreign languages. The buyer asks to send the parcel via EMS and tell him the full amount of delivery. Also, he needed my bank details. According to the country, it became seems that fraudsters operate. I told the buyer that I send abroad only after «Clear Payment» via PayPal.

The buyer is in no hurry with the answers. Letters come from him after an average of 12-15 hours of the mine. The new letter from the buyer:


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