Shock! Moscow, which has no (photo)

01. Hello, we - the hotel "Intourist" hotel "Moscow" and an empty space in front of the Manege.
We no longer have ...

Hello, I'm - Marx Prospect.
Now I changed his name and became a stopper.

Hello, I'm - Kursk Station.
Now I will not be seen because of the shopping complex.

Hello, we are - clock clockwork heroes of fairy tales in the Central Children's World.
We no longer have.

Hello, we are - road signs.
We no longer have.

Hello, I'm - the building of the plant Automobile them. Lenin Komsomol.
Who I have nothing to manage, and I was partially handed over partly abandoned.

Hello, I'm - cinema "Russia┬╗.
Now I am called in another way, I have inside the casino

Hello, I'm - Taganskaya area without casino

Hello, I'm - Gagarin Square, without advertising.

Hello, we are - the body of the hotel "Belgrade┬╗.
Once we were the same.

Hello, I'm - spacious Oktyabrskaya Square.

Hello, I'm - metro station "textile workers" without gambling halls.

Hello, I'm - House on the waterfront without advertising.
And behind me the cinema "Drummer" no casino

Hello, I'm - shop "Wanda", which sells products from Poland.
I - one of the few shops in the city, has earned the right to the Latin alphabet in sign.

Hi, I - setting "ELIN" on Kalinin Prospekt.
I am no more.

Hello, I'm - Planetarium, a monument of Constructivism.
Under the guise of "restoration" I have now rebuilt.

Hello, we - "The Worker and the Collective Farm Woman" Vera Mukhina.
We dismantled, taken for the restoration and promise to put on the roof of the shopping center.



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