The most rare and expensive things in the world (17 Picchu)

Despite the vast literary heritage left by their descendants, handwritten evidence of his activities there are not many. There are only 6 autographs of the great Shakespeare

The rarest breed of domestic cats - Asher. She withdrew from the African serval, the Asian leopard cat and the ordinary home Murka. Weight cats may reach 14 kg, and get a kitten can be up to 22 thousand. Dollars

In 1999, the auction was sold that same copy of the album, John Lennon and Yoko Double Fantasy, which the singer has put an autograph for her future killer Mark Chapman 5 hours before his own death. The plate was found in the decorative potted flower next to the crime scene. The envelope contains fingerprints of Chapman: at one time served as the album one of the prosecution evidence against the killers. Rare price 460 000 US dollars

According to Wikipedia, the most rare and expensive stamp in the world - Yellow treskilling from Sweden. Its approximate value is 2, 3 mln. USD

The most rare (and expensive) in the world of sea salt produced in Japan and is called Amabito But Mosio - ancient salt seas. Because of the complexity of production and sensitive method of evaporation and centrifugation, the cost for 1 pound of salt is 40 US dollars

Guinness World Records says that the most rare and expensive jeans - the famous 501-I model of Levi Strauss & Co. For vintage (stitched 115 years ago), jeans collector from Japan posted owner lot at the online auction site eBay 60 thousand. Dollars

Baseball cards - a popular collectibles in the US, Canada and Japan. Card T206 Honus Wagner, released in 1906, American Tobacco Company, is considered to be the rarest baseball card in the world. It was printed edition of only 70 copies, and then it was discontinued at the request of the Onusa Wagner, who was an opponent of smoking and did not want the American Tobacco Company used his name. In 2007, the card was sold for a record $ 2, 8 million

One of the rare nowadays existing comic books - this is the first edition of the famous Spider-Man

Ancient and rare property for sale - Castle in Transylvania, famous for the fact that it supposedly lived Count Dracula, a real prototype famous literary character. The market value of the castle is close to 135 million

Scientists argue that rare breed of horse sarraya - direct descendants of the wild horses of South Iberia. Total in the world have only 200 of these horses. But the characteristics and qualities of the rarest breed is considered to be bred for military purposes Austrian breed lipizzaner. The price for one such horse comes up to 100 thousand. Dollars

In the world there is a huge number of rare books, but perhaps the most rare is the famous Gutenberg Bible: the first printed book appeared in 1456. There are several hundred copies of the Bible itself, but the very first instance in two volumes (if will be found) will cost a collector of antique books about 25-25 mln. Dollars

Deciding to start collecting jewelery rarity, be patient and money: a measly five million dollars will not help. The most expensive piece of jewelry in the world - a necklace with a rare blue diamond weighing 14 carats. The stone is framed by pear-cut white diamonds captured and imprisoned in a necklace of white gold. The total cost of the product - 16 million

One of the rarest (from sold at auction) bottles of wine purchased by Christopher Forbes - 160 thousand. Dollars. Unmarked green bottle with the inscription 1787 Lafitte Th. J. presumably belonged to Thomas Jefferson

In 2006, New York's Sotheby's auction of Chinese porcelain vase mid XIV century was sold for 4, 72 million dollars. The last time she appeared at a public auction in 1993: then it bought for 1, $ 2 million

30 July 2002 auction Sotheby`s 7, 9 million. Dollars was sold a rare gold coin of 30-ies of XX century. A unique coin is called the $ 20 Double Eagle

One of the rarest and most exotic dishes on the planet - the famous Chinese soup of swallows' nests. For 400 years since the invention of dishes, it became more expensive in times: soup of swifts nest of sea-salanganov gourmets can cost in the amount of up to 10 thousand. Dollars

Fans and tickle their own wallets is once collected backpacks and take a tour of the ... Everest. Journey to the top of the world will take two months and will ease your finances 60 thousand

It is believed that the rarest mineral organic origin is a little-known Payne: This orange stone was first discovered in Burma in the mid 50s. Since then, the world there are only two peynita. However, a few years ago it was opened by its field, and is now at the disposal of mankind are about a hundred polished rarities. The most famous is a stone-rarity is the famous red diamond.



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