If you believe the experiments, an amazing bat behavior is likely related to hormones. Despite the fact that the vision denies the possibility of a mouse to navigate in space (they collide with objects in their path and lose their orientation), these creatures it is necessary for close range.

In order to carry out new research, scientists have been installed near the obstacle of abandoned mines in Ontario, Canada, where he lives a whole colony of bats. They changed the lighting - from bright to very dark - and just watched as the little creatures cope with the task. The result was predictable: a well-lit obstacles they overcame difficult or they just bumped into them.

This kind of research previously carried out when it is not. It was known that bats are deprived of, flew in the window where rarely, if those who have been given the opportunity. And during the experiment, these lovely creatures hit a snag more often in good light.

Research has led to yet another discovery: during the experiment the level of hormones in mice varied, as well as me Briefly falls.


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