"The man who reads" in St. Petersburg Zoo

In St. Petersburg zoo, there was a rare species of mammal - "The man who reads." According to employees of the zoo - animals feel well in a new place. It only regret is not clear that they chitayut.Neobychnaya action took place last weekend in St. Petersburg Zoo. In one of the cages of the zoo instead of the bear, which normally lives there, is located three young men, who for two days read books and talked through the bars with zoo visitors, telling them how important reading for a person's life, reported IA Regnum.

According to the organizers - representatives of the Leningrad Zoo and the creative team of "Sugar, 1kg», - Homo legens or "people reading" has long been turned into an endangered species, so the idea was born to the zoo, because here we can see rare and endangered animals " .






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