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The commercial dog cloning becomes a reality in South Korea.

Geneticists from the National University of Seoul (Seoul National University) received the first commercial order for the cloning of dogs. The client is a wealthy American from California who wants to resurrect his dead pit bull and is ready to pay for this $ 150 thousand dollars. The cloning will be used tissue taken from the ear of the deceased's favorite before his death. Pitbull died 18 months ago.

For the first time in 2005, a team of Seoul National University cloned Afghan hound, which was nicknamed Snoop (SNUppy), the first three letters in the name of which correspond to the acronym of the University SNU (Seoul National University). This year on April 24 only (an extreme measure, based on official data) cloned dog Snoopy 3 years should be fulfilled.


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The American company BioArts International has delivered to its customers Nina and Edgar Otto clone their beloved dog Lancelot Labrador, who died of cancer in 2008. The dog was the first in a series of clones, which the company intends to produce. This was reported on the official website of BioArts.

The right to clone their pet Americans won on an online auction, which took place in July 2008. Cost of services amounted to 155 thousand dollars. The dog was nicknamed Lancelot Encore (Lancelot Encore, which can be translated as "Lancelot Encore"). It was obtained from a previously frozen tissue samples Lancelot.

The puppy was born in South Korea. In his "creation" Professor Hwang attended bitches (Hwang Woo-Suk), who became known to the scientific (and unscientific) community after the 2004 falsified the results of the work on stem cells and tried to publish it in the journal Science. In 2005, Hwang Suk have been involved in the cloning of Afghan Hound, which was the first successfully cloned dog.

Family dog ​​Otto appeared in the framework of "best friends again» (Best friends again). Lancelot addition the company plans to produce clones of four more animals. In addition, the company plans free cloned heroic dog that participated in the analysis of debris after the attacks in the US on 11 September 2001.



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