Scented soap with their hands

The author tells about the passion of his wife.
My beloved wife appeared passion - to do all sorts of different soaps / balms home. And now we had got together and did three amazing different type of soap - it will be interesting and useful to all, regardless of age and gender!

1. Ingredients Silicone molds, transparent soap base, base oils, essential oils, fragrances, vitamins A and E, menthol crystal, grass mint, titanium dioxide, colorants, alcohol solution chlorophyllipt.

2. 100g foundations cut into cubes

3. and melt in the microwave.

4. Add 10 ml of apricot kernel oil, 5 drops of vitamins

5. 5 drops of liquid food coloring «Red»

6. Fragrance enough 3 drops. Nzyvaetsya it delicious "apple pie with raspberries»

7. Pour into a mold.

8. Subject to freeze.

9. The result is such a blank. Basically, it's a ready-made soap, it is possible to use them, but our idea is a little different.

10. And we continue: once cut into cubes 100 gr bases

11. So ...

12. In a separate bowl breed food white pigment titanium dioxide. In a tablespoon of water to add a pinch of powder

13. Stir and add ...

14 ... to the molten base that is already mixed with oil, vitamins and perfumes.

15. Pour into a mold about a third part,

16. We spread the top layer of crimson cubes

17. Repeat this

18. And again

19. Fill up to the end. Our soap "Raspberry cream" remains only to harden.

20. As long as it does so, we prepare another one. It will be a loofah. Loofah - a natural sponge. Sponge in the soap, what could be better? To wash this morning will be, so that the soap has granted us the vigor and freshness for the whole day, add a bit of menthol composition. It should not be more than 10% of the total weight of soap, otherwise it will be pinching. We have a 3 g.

21. No, it is not cognac, it is famous for its nourishing and regenerating properties Gornoaltaisk sea buckthorn oil.

22. It is soluble in menthol, pre-heating.

23. Prepare 200g bases

24. Melt it and add sea buckthorn with menthol and essential oils of any citrus fruit. The resulting mixture fill it with a piece of loofah. Leave to harden.

25. Here's what happened.

26. And from the remains of a baby.

27. And we continue: to prepare for the same recipe 200 gr bases, further adding a titanium dioxide for the haze.

28. We place the workpiece with a loofah in the shape of large diameter, fill with a mixture of matte and refrigerate. Soap "Sunny Morning" is ready. The result will see after curing.

29. So you do not get bored, make soap, facial scrub with mint and hlorofilliptom. It will be perfectly cleaned, update skin cells and decontaminated.

30. We color 200 g of titanium dioxide

31. Let's add the essential oil of peppermint

32. A teaspoon of chopped herbs mint

33. A teaspoon of alcohol solution and mix thoroughly hlorofillipta

34. Fill in the form. Soap "Peppermint sherbet" is ready.

35. So, in your court, "Raspberry Cream»

36. "Sunny morning»

37 "Sunny morning»

38. "Peppermint sherbet»

39. "Peppermint sherbet»

40. Kids from residues.))) EVERYTHING! Thank you for your attention, cook the soap, friends!



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