Denying gravity

French conceptual artist Philippe Ramett creates amazing pictures, absolutely deny the phenomenon of gravity as such. Of course the same, give the impression that all images have been processed with special programs, for example, Photoshop.
Note: none of these photos has not been processed Photoshop!

Yet, in fact, it is not. during filming to use complex load-bearing structures. They allow the artist to stand or sit under absolutely unusual angles. Part of the work of Philip Rametta compared with the masterpieces of Chinese artist Li Wei.

As a sculptor, Philip Ramett became famous in the 90s of the last century. Later, he took up photography, but unusual, and raises questions about gravity, weightlessness and gravity. In my photos Ramett seeks to convey a sense of calm and almost completely meditative relaxation.

Ramett believes that Photoshop - the most that neither is a mockery of art, and his words, he supports the amazing photos taken without any computer processing

One of the evidence that the photo does not treated, he is Philip) In an interview with British magazine The Guardian, he said: "Look at how stretched my hands on my face, a red tide due to his blood, my crumpled suit"


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