Kosmovystavka at ENEA

Photos from yellow reporter with the newly opened Museum of Cosmonautics at ENEA
29 ph

Museum (seen) is made with love and a lot of interesting and unusual exhibits.

But scoop scoop: not without grannies who run up to everyone, who is seen in the hands of the camera, and need to show the ticket to the shooting. It does not matter of you are Russian or foreign tourists: there is strictly reprimanded in Russian. Well, the speaker from the ceiling conjures items not to touch.

What is even more incredible: just three or four exhibits are back-annotation in English. All the rest (hundreds) - only in Russian. I saw a foreign child is poked into the battery, and the father tried in vain to read the "sun».

Tickets cost 100 rubles. The camera is charged separately - for 200 rubles.

From entertainment, in addition to the exhibition: film session for 30 minutes (steep some Soviet film about kosmopolety) stereoscopic (extra charge), a café with Butera 60 rubles and a strange rectangular machine "Buran 2" (also paid separately).

The exhibition itself I liked (it is true), but two strained rooms: an office Korolev (sitting in plaster at the table and sternly tychit somewhere in bed), the angle of the hut (!) Tsiolkovsky and a large number of paintings and vases, dedicated space, from unknown (to me) artists.

Belka and Strelka - the first animals astronauts (I understand that the first who returned alive). Who Squirrel who Arrow hesitate to say:


The particles of the lunar soil, delivered 24 September 1970.
I thought that there cobblestones carry.

Here is an interesting artifact:

Set of disposable panties for female astronauts.
Korolev famous phrase: "The women in space is not the place»

Swim hygiene (blue). Designed for use in emergency situations during space flight.

Chess is a game of space flight. The original.

First aid kit:

But these tools should be able to use every astronaut:

Fans of "Glonass»:

This piece, in which the astronauts fall to Earth from space:

It is the first picture displayed in full view.


Here are the most interesting (from the school wanted to see) - the food in tubes. However, it will be even more interesting - a real space toilet.



Board refrigerator

Device for cutlery to avoid scattered:

What it is is a separate - I do not know; probably the bell for servants.

Exhibition space outfits:

This solar array, flown in space and irradiated by solar radiation:

Amateur photographers also have gift:

The camera "Zenit 3 M". This camera during flight on a spacecraft "Soyuz-11" and the first orbital station "Salyut" kept shooting cosmonaut VI Panayev June 30, 1971.

Some piece of space:

Speaking of animals. That these pieces dragged them into space:

Promised a space toilet. The principle of operation is covered in mystery:

This ignition key spacecraft.
It is strange that no spaceships steal every day.

Comfortable pants for the normalization of pressure:

Well, that's companion:

Yeshe and

"Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics»
Address: 129164, Moscow, pr. Mira, d.111
Directions: From the station. m. "ENEA»
Open daily from 11.00 to 19.00, except Monday and Tuesday.
Admission: Adult - 100 rub .; discount - 20 rub .; photography - 200 rubles.



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