Toys Soviet childhood (25 photos)

It is fashionable to talk about what was gray and boring life in the Soviet Union.

varjag-2007 decided to just avoid the topic and remembered igurshkah childhood.

The following words of the author:

After fasting for children's literature in the Soviet Union, I think, is namomnit such an important sphere of life as a game. Today, with all holes every minute, every hour ideologically brainwashed information resources - some nine hells was the Soviet Union as there is a minority that is not repressed, not zagolodomorili not sent to the Gulag, lived in continuous hardships, experiencing physical, moral and spiritual suffering . Recently, on one of the Ukrainian TV channels "with a straight face," I was told that in the Soviet Union were obliged to go the men in black suits and women in gray dresses. And who violate this requirement of immediately jailed.

The same "Uncle Remus" and talked about the leisure and gaming Soviet children. A Kent in a post about smofetskih photo 30s - 50s even agree to that before the collapse of the Soviet Union we have a few children have to ride solely on the German bike trophy and he personally had to walk only in rubber boots (if I remember correctly, there were periods when rubber boots were considered chic. I remember, how were all the rage in the early 80s pearlescent different colors rubber boots. They could put even the theater!

That is to refute the many myth-makers, as well as to recall the nostalgic and happy times of our Soviet childhood, I gathered this small selection of children's toys of the USSR:

This is a children's toy sewing machine. I was such a child. It makes all the operations that zingerovskaya machine and can be used for high-grade sewing. Remarkable was the machine!

Another sewing machine with a toy iron

Soft toy. which were wonderful toys! I have a favorite teddy bear was almost my height and a dog, a little bit like this. Once, when I was very naughty, all the toys for the purpose of my sentence gone, including lbimtsa-bear, and the dog just stayed with me. I did not forgive treachery bear cub and not so often played with him

Applications USSR. How many of cardboard, paper and other applications was set, journals, special books "for girls" or "boys"!

Doll with permanent magnet: & quot; «My name is __________________________

In my wardrobe 11 colored and 11 are not colored dresses and suits.

Armed with scissors, engrave the contour of any dress. After the cuttings take metal "snout" and stick it any adhesive paper on the back side of the board in the place marked by a circle. Now it is necessary only to rest my dress to my chest as it by a permanent magnet and a metal "Piglet" will be held securely on me.

Play with me comfortable when I'm standing on my feet. Insert my legs into the slots stand, and I will stand.

Not colored dresses and suits Paint itself and find a place for "Piglet».

Novocherkassk plant permanent magnitov.1981g.


The Soviet children's designer. From it you can create different types of airplanes, helicopters, amphibious


Another constructor. At the neighbor boy was trinabora such designer watches and we collected and torn by us different cars, airplanes, motorcycles, tractors and excavators

How many of these swords, sticks, swords! I had a wonderful sword with which I am in the yard games portrayed Alexander Nevsky.

Toy gun

Here are shown several types of children's dolls and PUPS:


Doll mid 60s

Doll late 60s




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