Ksar Ait Benhaddu

Ksara - a fortified village, common among the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. As if climbing a mountain, on the territory of Ksara Ait Benhaddu are clay casbah - a fortress, each of which is crowned with crenellated towers and raznovysotnyh it gives the general appearance of Ksara filled and finished look. Especially good fortress at sunset or sunrise, it burning in the sun some special red-orange (the color in Morocco called ocher!) Seem to you quite ethereal construction, of earthly origin of which will remind you, is that the palm groves surrounding Ksar! .. Ancient Ait Benhaddu created by human hands, is a clay masterpiece, located on the road from Ouarzazate to Marrakech, 30 km away. from the southern city of Ouarzazate. To get to the castle, you can, without going through a small village, and crossing a dried (or affluent - depending on the time of year!) The river bed. By the way, to see this architectural masterpiece as a "living" scenery is possible in such feature films as "Lawrence of Arabia"; "The Mummy" (part 2); "Jesus of Nazareth"; "Sodom and Gomorrah» ...


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