Ian Mydlarzh - the executioner's Old Town of Prague

A separate caste of people.
To become the executioners was very difficult.
For wrong executions hangman could tear the crowd and no one would have even tried.
For the executioner was the lowest person in the hierarchy of medieval society.
Even the entrance to the city for it was separate.
Otyavlennye criminals are allowed to catch yourself when you had to choose between getting caught or escape through the gate to the executioner. The church, which was reserved for a special angle kosntitse, and this church was only one in the whole of Prague.
The executioner, his family and servants lived outside the city, they bring products directly to the house and the servants could only pay for the goods, because no trader would not take "dirty money" from the hands of the executioner.

For every penalty or torture the city authorities paid them a very solid money, and the executioner was a very wealthy man.
Probably the most famous executioner of the Old Town of Prague was Jan Mydlarzh (1572- 14.3.1664).
He was born in Chrudim, and descended from the rich burghers. But the case led him to the service of the executioner in Prague. As a young student, Yang fell in love with Dorothy Mydlarzhovu that marrying a rich miller Adam Vanyuru, poisoned him, and for that it must have been executed. Yang volunteered to help the Prague executioner Jaros hoping to save Dorothy. But the latter is still executed, and the way back was not there.
Jaros took the unfortunate young man in Prague and not to throw a family disgrace, Yang takes fimiliyu Mydlarzh. There for several years, working assistant executioner, he thoroughly studies the craft. And after the death of the Old Town Yarosh he becomes the executioner.
By the way, the house Mydlarzha was at the gates of Prague pig, now there on the street Boyishti, where Schweik pub "The Kalikh».
Jan was married twice. And Jan Václav, the firstborn son and grandson and then after his death continued "working" dynasty in Prague and over the Black Kostelec Lesy.

In those days, to have their own executioner could only very wealthy city and the executioner was summoned to the different places where executions were carried out thieves, deserters, thieves and murderers.
The most famous penalty Mydlarzha.
First documented penalty - a penalty Herman Christopher Rusvorma, November 29, 1605. For the murder of General Belgiosa. Rusvorma executed in the Great Hall of the Old Town Hall. Executed have not learned that a courier with a personal order of the Rudolf II-giving mercy on him late for a few hours ...

In March 1611 a gang of robbers attacked the Franciscan monastery of the Virgin Mary in Mala Strana and killed with particular brutality of 14 monks. There were 12 executions of robbers, who after championing the bones and cut the wheel from the back seat, was hanged at the Old Town Square. Several dozen others, after being tortured, cut off the right hands ...
April 5, 1614 were executed two murderers advisor Wendelin Maya from Mayvalda.
After a series of tortures them quartered and the remains were hanged on the gallows Old Town AREA ...

Physically Mydlarzh was a very strong man, once he had one day to execute truncation of the head of 27 people. It was the year 06/21/1621. For participation in the Protestant revolt in the Old Town Square in Prague it was executed 27 noble citizens. The execution lasted from five in the morning until ten at night ...
November 28, 1642 in Rokycany were hanged ninety soldiers, deserters, which hung on the trees from Rokycany to Litoglav. This penalty was is significant by the fact that the investigation was unable to establish the ringleaders escape from battle (the battle between Czech troops and the Swedes at Breitenfeld) and cavalrymen to death chose to roll the dice. He was hanged, every tenth ...

Realizing that in the beheading one stroke he lacks strength, Mydlarzh handed executions of this kind to his son. He spent the rest of his life engaged in doctoring.
List of executed very long. Different sources name different numbers, but in any case not less than 800 criminals ...

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