The poor bird

On a photo of 35 year-old Moluccan Cockatoo named Oscar. To all, Oscar and more "girl", which is somewhat reinforces the tragedy and so difficult situation. Oscar sheltered in the Company humanists «Broward County» 13 years ago, where the bird, which the doctors gave only 6 months of life, found its new home. The reason for this alopecia, a disease «Beacon Feather», which is the oppression of avian immunity, as one of the side effects is uncontrollable desire to get rid of all bird feathers, which become for her a very large stimulus. Since the disease is contagious, the Academy denied the opportunity to communicate with their own kind, and everything that he remains - is to talk to, has already become his family and people. Lexicon is a bit limited - only two phrases: "Who is handsome?" And "I love you", but considering how Oscar energetic and he cheerfully chirps, still ahead - the good climate of sunny Florida is suitable for even very bald birds.
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