In the homeland of the hero (19 photos)

The author writes, fima-psuchopadt:

"In the battle near the village of Elm Mail Tambov province March 5, 1921, despite the attacks of the enemy cavalry force 1500-2000, he was a squadron for 7 hours holding back the onslaught of the enemy, and then moved on to the counter, after 6 melee fights broke the gang."

The table at the beginning of Lent quote is something for which in 1922, holder of two crosses of St. George was the first Soviet Order of the Red Banner. This man - Georgy Zhukov, in the memorial museum which in his native village of Zhukov (former. Strelkovka) I visited today.

The place is located 11 kilometers from Kiev highway intersection with the road to Obninsk and Podolsk. The village is almost entirely composed of single-storey buildings and the private sector, built here a memorial complex.

Before the building - a bust four times Hero of the Soviet Union.

It is foolish to say that the museum had no other visitors. For holidays or even to bring some dates might as well - nobody. Only the grandmother and a young cashier. 50 rubles input + 50 for the right photograph.

First of all, I was sent to look at the diorama "The Capture of Berlin", which is organized on the ground floor of the museum.

Locate the image it left to right so organically picked up sand color to the picture that are scattered on it burnt planks, pieces of weapons and with all sorts of barbed wire, to create excellent three-dimensional impression and move pictures into reality is almost imperceptible.




After I got up diorama on the second floor and just wanted to go to the center of the room as just two custodians grandmother ran to show me the order of inspection. Procedure simple: from the entrance to the left and in the clockwise direction.

It begins with a model of the house where Georgy was born. I photographed everything, but watched and read everything in great detail. for example, for information about the parents stated that his mother to old age could raise pyatipudovy bag.

Too many photos Zhukova is in the network, but this - not seen. He's here to Clooney something similar.

Not particularly, I realized this picture ... kind of "new interpretation". He looked - and who gave something ?! Clearly, there are no questions.


A more sane gifts: a model of the dugout and twist plate.

In addition to items directly related to the marshals at the museum are many rarities from kaluzhan-war veterans.

These are things from the German office of Zhukov, the execution of his duties as head of the Soviet military administration.

The hall in the center, where I was not allowed to enter at once stylized study of Georgy. Just picture this he probably was not ...

A gift that really break any patterns. If someone told me that Stalin gave Zhukov wooden set of punch, you would believe me ?! And you?!

This is - a very cool watch! ..

... And, of course, a form!

Museum bypass - no more than half an hour. he is not big. But it is very cool. Besides, this is one of those museums, which rarely go far, and especially, but to go there - it's great (our memory!). Well, to share, to the extent of forces.

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