"The Last of the Mohicans"

Boa Average died last week at age 85. This is the last resident of the Andaman Islands, who knows how to speak the language of Bo. It is named for the tribe, whose language is one of 10 great Andaman adverbs, which date back to the time when prehistoric man first appeared in Africa about 70 thousand years ago.

Representatives of the tribe Bo appeared in the present territory of the Andaman islands 65,000 years ago and managed to survive almost the entire history of mankind. Unfortunately, modern civilization with its technological advances proved fatal for the tribe. Bo stayed to the end, she even managed to survive a terrible Asian tsunami of 2004, the Japanese occupation and diseases that the colonizers brought back to the 19th century.

Unfortunately Bo did not have children, and her husband died a few years ago. For a long time, this was the only woman on earth the bearer of the native language, because of what felt extremely lonely, as they say communicate with her linguists.

Nevertheless, until the last days of Bo kept a contagious sense of humor and some scholars still managed to communicate with her on a mixture of all ten of naming local tribes. Until the end of her days she lived on a miserable pension of 500 rupees (something around 350 rubles) per month in a tiny house built of tin and concrete, which was granted by the Government of the woman. She also received free food.



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